The Cast


Jane Digby el-Mezrab      "Lady Jane"       (Cathleen Myers) 

Lady Jane is the granddaughter of the Earl of Leicester

Granddaughter of the Earl of Leicester (a distant cousin of Mr. Fezziwig). Daughter of Admiral Lord Digby, a hero of Trafalgar, and Viscountess Andover. Adventuress and traveler, Lady Jane is back in London for her first English Christmas in many years.

Most of you wouldn't know the remarkable and scandalous details of her life but if you're interested, see Episode 3 of David Tennant's "Around the World in 80 Days."




Thomas Wilson    "Mr Wilson" or "Dancemaster Wilson"     (James Myers) 

Thomas Wilson is a dance instructor

He is also the author of many books of dance instruction, and the organizer of many balls and dance parties. The Fezziwig daughters attend his dancing school and he is attending the party to assist with organizing the dancing




M.E. Seeks       "Mr Seeks"        (Luis Gonzalez) 

Tea Merchant

He has just left the East India Company Army and has returned from Ceylon to find a warehouse for his incoming tea.



Edith Winter      "Miss Winter"       (Dakota Hult)  



Eliza Winter      "Miss Eliza"     (Baylee Hult)



Seth Clayfolly      "Mr Clayfolly"        (Sven Jensen) 

Kate Clayfolly      "Mrs Clayfolly"       (Karin Jensen) 

Annie  Clayfolly       "Miss Clayfolly"        (Anika Jensen) 

We are Seth and Kate Clayfolly with our dear daughter, Annie. Seth is a renowned sculptor from the Fantastical Illuminations and Magick Studio, a maker of fine artistic crafts to delight the young and young at heart. I am his wife, a homemaker. However, a secret about me is that I contribute short stories to the local paper under the pseudonym of Mr. Purl Cochrane. We adore dancing.



Miss Tucker    "Miss Tucker"     (Erin McMann)





Richard Hightower        "Mr Hightower"         (Christian Milan) 


Mr. Hightower is a local architect and a friend of the Fezziwig family. He helped build the warehouse for Mr. Fezziwig.

Usually he stops by to see how the structure is holding up, but tonight (Christmas Eve) he is taking the night off to enjoy dancing with old friends.



Miss Hightower             (Lyna Milan)



Daniel Doyce    "Mr Doyce"     (Mehmet "Sky" Oron )



Rexford Grey        "Mr Grey"        (Richard "Rex" Rabin) 

Mr. Grey has a long time association with Mr. Fezziwig from times past when he was a tea merchant.

Mr. Fezziwig has given me an open invitation to join him and his associates every Christmas Eve to celebrate the Joys of the Season. Mr. Grey has also been known to facilitate Tours of London for those who are unfamiliar with the City of London.




  "Miss Morris"         (Jules Riddle) 



Annette Blackwell    "Miss Blackwell"     (Katrien Van Riel) 

A childhood friend and neighbor of the Fezziwig daughters

Though her family came from humble means, she always dreamed of becoming a fairy-tale princess of sorts, hoping to find her way into high society by any means necessary. The Fezziwig daughters lovingly call her "Annie." Despite her childhood fondness for this name, she has grown to detest it, as she wishes to elevate herself beyond her actual standing and believes "Annette" to be becoming of a more respectable young lady.

Despite this seeming vanity coming from her vying for the fashionable, Annette has a kind heart and dearly loves the Fezziwig daughters and the entire community present at Fezziwig's gathering. She, too, is plagued by a secret sadness which attendees of the Fezziwig party may not be viable to unless they engage with her in more in-depth dialogue as the event progresses.

She is a governess for a family residing in Hanover Square. Though she believes she should feel satisfied with this accomplishment, she feels simultaneously isolated from both her home/social sphere, and also the house and class among which she physically resides. As she must remain lodged with her employer, she has little time to reconnect with her loved ones. She finds herself in a precarious position at her new home as well; being a near-family member but still a servant, a surrogate mother with no children of her own. She finds solace in her relationship with the children she cares for, but knows her time with them is limited, and the terms of her employment will cease when they mature. This bestows her with a barely perceptible flighty anxiety that she works hard to mask and combat. She draws fleeting joy in returning to her childhood neighborhood on holidays, and playing games such as The Minister's Cat with the local children.

Annette is expected to instruct her employer's children in reading, writing, and arithmetic. For the young ladies, she teaches drawing, piano, dancing and deportment, all designed to attract an eligible suitor in a very crowded marriage market. Despite having knowledge of these topics, she has had horrid luck in attracting a suitor herself. Since all her time must be dedicated to her employment, she has little ability to socialize in her own socio-economic sphere. Even if she had the time, Annette insists on vying for the attention of more affluent gentlemen who may be able to "rescue" her from her limited life. As for said young gentlemen who grace her employer's home, none of them view her as a suitable prospect. Attendees of Fezziwig's party may be able to glean a secret from Annette if they form a strong rapport with her: She once believed herself to be the object of ultimate affection of a handsome member of the aristocracy who ultimately revealed his true desire to eventually discard her. If pressed, she will recall the event of this discovery, where she hid herself in a closet adjacent to the study of her employer, believing she would overhear him declaring his intention to propose to her, asking the man of the house for his guidance. Instead, she was met with his blithe reassurance to her employer that he would not dare inconvenience him by removing a member of his staff from his employ, and that she was no more than a temporary amusement to him. As she grows past her prime, her hopes of "rescue" (and of finding a suitor at all) are dwindling.

Despite these sorrowful origins she conducts herself with a mixture of poise (derived from her lofty employ and dreams) and homely warmth derived from her origins. Additionally, as she comes to terms with her position in the eyes of the aristocracy, she derives greater validation and joy from the community that has always loved and embraced her, the friends of her father and Mr. Fezziwig.



"Mr Wu-Long"      (Gary Wong) 



Lydia Grace    "Miss Lydia"     (Clarissa Lam Yuen) 

Second daughter of Mr Grace

Lydia Grace is the second daughter of Mr. Grace, the owner of one of the finest tea rooms in town. Mr. Fezziwig is a business associate of Mr. Grace’s and has sourced tea for his tearoom for many years. Through the years, Miss Lydia and Mrs. Fezziwig have become fast friends and they often take tea and taste-test imported confectionaries of London.




Our Band


The band at Mr Fezziwig's party is Greenwich Mean Time.



Craig Johnson


 Caroline McCaskey


 Darcy Noonan


Richard Page 


The Fezziwig Irregulars


The Irregulars are a number of guests visiting the fair who, while not members of our cast, are well-costumed and familiar with our dances. We are delighted to have them join us at Mr Fezziwig's Party.



Mr Michael  (Mike Crogan)


Nora Gordon (Cecilia Stolzer-Grote)




Mrs Leavy  (Michele Apriña Leavy)


Miss Pun  (Sarah Sophia Pun)


Miss Richardson (Stefanie Richardson)


Miss Riggs  (Tina Riggs)


Dr and Mrs Sosa  (Bob and LeeAnn Sosa)


Mrs Whyte (Tina Doyle)