If you are interested in joining us send email to lordpeers@gmail.com and tell us a little about yourself.

Please read through the Fezziwig's and Dickens Christmas Fair websites to get more information about what we do. Pay special attention to the section on how to get involved.

If you haven't participated in the Dickens Christmas Fair as a member of Fezziwig's before we will be happy to audition you. Fezziwiggers need to be able to both dance and act, as we spend all day interacting with customers and teaching them how to do our dances. We are looking for dancers who can act and actors who can dance. You do not need to start off both acting and dancing exceptionally well if you can do one or the other. One of the purposes of our rehearsals is to help people get up to speed on both the dancing and the acting.

We will have rehearsals at the Alameda Elks Lodge, at 2255 Santa Clara Avenue in Alameda, on the following dates. All rehearsals are on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

July 10 

August 14 

September 18 

October 16  


PEERS gives weekly dance classes through most of the year. Drop by at one of these to learn out dances and talk to us about joining. 


 To be a member of the cast of Fezziwig's you will need to provide your own Victorian costume, develop a character to portray, attend rehearsals and workshops, and commit to spending the majority of your day during the run of Dickens Fair in the Fezziwig's environmental area.    




Characters at Fezziwig's Warehouse Party

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