Gentlemen, you have the blessing that menswear has changed little, but those little changes will trip you up. To get dressed, you will need these essentials:

   ·    Shirt
   ·    Cravat
   ·    Waistcoat (vest)
   ·    Trousers (high waisted, no cuffs, no pleats)
   ·    Gloves
   ·    A hat (top hat or bowler - a peaked hat (newsboy style) is also acceptable)
   ·    A good pair of boots/shoes that are period and comfortable enough to dance in all day
   ·    A coat (wool, tweedy, & muted natural colors work well)

Additionally, you may wish to add a pocket watch, a handkerchief, and a second (or third or fourth) shirt. Many of our gents change shirts mid-day when they get too sweaty. Yes, you’re going to be hot. No, you may not remove your coat if you are a middle class gentleman. Working class men may remove their coats while dancing, but should put them on when going out into the rest of Fair. It’s also a nice touch to throw a scarf around your neck when you venture out into the streets of London.

Online retailers of western wear and civil war sutlers can be a good resource, but avoid things that look especially western-y. Still, it’s an easy way to find trousers with the correct waistline and waistcoats (vests) with a straight bottom (no points). Historical Emporium is a very good source for male costuming (their female costuming is less accurate).

If you’ve got questions, email the cast list or the Facebook page and we’ll give you advice.

Gentlemen, we advise you to use just a little bit of makeup to better define your face. A pale pink lipstick will make you look alive. A little shadow around the eyes will give your face definition. The lights at Fezziwig’s are unflattering and much as you may dislike it, some subtle stage makeup will really make a difference.