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Silver Membership: Have your Grocery Store Loyalty Card ready - Signup Page

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What is eScrip?


eScrip is a 21st Century outgrowth of the original Paper Scrip program that has been running for decades. This program now *automatically* donates to PEERS based on the buying habits of the people who sign up with the system.

The problem with the Original Paper Scrip was its awkwardness.

Getting people to remember to fill out forms as they were buying groceries was problematic. eScrip has taken the paper out of the process, and automatically tallies purchases at participating stores.

There are no fees for using eScrip - they are a non-profit facilitator and their service fees are covered by merchant donations.

The first Level:

"Silver Membership" signing up a Grocery Store card.

The Donator, (we hope that’s you!) goes to the eScrip website’s Signup Page and follows the simple 6 step procedure and signs up his "Loyalty Card" with eScrip. (Yes, the Grocery Store cards are officially called "Loyalty Cards").

Once you've signed up your card with eScrip - you buy groceries as you normally do. The computer takes the value of your purchases, tallies up a monthly total and then donates up to 4% of your monthly food bill in a nice tidy electronic deposit to PEERS' bank account.

So, if you spend $100/week, at the end of the month - 4% of your $400 in purchases is automatically sent to PEERS. That's $16! This works out to be about $200/year. Now multiply that number by the amount of people signed up! We are looking at a fair sized donation to PEERS just for doing your normal weekly grocery shopping. And remember, The Merchants pay for everything - not you!

Other advantages - There are a LOT of companies signed up with eScrip all of them have different Rate charts - Chevron is only 1%, but Sharper Image is 10% of every purchase.

But, you may ask, Sharper image doesn't have "Loyalty Cards"!

This is the second Level:

"Gold Membership" signing up a Debit/Credit card.

Every purchase made with that card at a participating merchant is automatically sent through the system and the merchant makes a donation to eScrip, which then deposits it in PEERS' bank account.


How does eScrip maintain privacy?

eScrip's Privacy Statement.

I have been signed up with eScrip since June of 2002, and I have not had any spam, flyers or sales calls from the information provided.

What's in it for Merchants?

Merchants get a "helping the community" tax deduction and bragging rights for helping non-profit organizations.

What's in it for PEERS?

A reliable flow of donations from multiple sources.

What's in it for You?

The joy of donating to PEERS, simply by making your usual purchases.

Remember, all PEERS’ proceeds go to future events. Each event requires, at minimum, a site, a band, and insurance coverage. Decorations, food, entr'acte entertainment and other amenities also add up! Your eScrip donation will help make future events even more wonderful.


Steven George
PEERS Treasurer


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