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PEERS will come rocketing back to life in 2022 and we will present our usual fabulous monthly costume balls and weekly vintage ballroom dance lessons as soon as we possibly can. All but one of our events will be held at our favorite venue, the historic Alameda Elks Lodge. We look forward to seeing our regular guests and to making new friends!

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For an example of what a PEERS event is like, check out this YouTube video of our Charles Dickens Bicentennial Ball



Period Events and Entertainments Re-Creation Society, Inc. 



The Period Events & Entertainments Re-Creation Society, Inc., is a Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to remembering, researching, and re-creating the performing arts of the past.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we endeavor to accomplish our noble goals by sponsoring events, giving classes, performing in various living history events, and just generally carrying on. Historic dance, drama, music, literature and costume are all a part of PEERS’ activities. More than anything else, we are dedicated to the idea of entertainment as something for people to do rather than watch.

The main activities of PEERS have traditionally centered around our historical and literary re-creation events. These have covered a wide number of historical periods and have included such diverse events as a Canterbury Tales Feast & Ball, a recreation of Lord Capulet’s Ball from Romeo and Juliet, an outdoor Restoration Fete and Ball, an 18th-Century Scarlet Pimpernel Ball, a Mostly Mozart Ball set in the Amadeus universe, a Hamilton Ball, a Jane Austen Tea, Fete and Assembly, a Phantom of the Opera Masquerade Ball, a Sherlock Holmes Mystery Party and Ball, an Edwardian Music Hall, a bi-lingual Moulin Rouge Ball, a Tango Tea, a 1920’s Speakeasy, a 1930’s Mystery Party, a 1941 Evening in Casablanca, a Film Noir Black & White Ball, a variety of Victorian Balls and our famous annual Le Bal des Vampires. As a change of pace we also give fantasy and science fiction-themed costume balls set in a galaxy far, far away, on Middle Earth, on starships bound for adventure, and in historical times visited by a certain time-traveling Doctor.

How do you participate in the activities of PEERS? First of all, by coming to our events. You may pay at the door, purchase tickets in advance, or subscribe for a year’s worth of events. If you’d like to be on the mailing list for our fliers and/or on our electronic mailing list, just send a message to us at And, of course, like all nonprofit organizations we are happy to accept donations. Donations may be made by check or via PayPal, and PEERS is also registered with eScrip.



When you attend a PEERS event, you have a great deal of flexibility in how to participate. Many people dress up in appropriate costumes, but many do not. Some people choose to portray particular historical or literary characters; others simply come to enjoy themselves. The choice is yours. Remember the cardinal rule of PEERS: If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right!


Photographs from Past PEERS Events by Jean Martin

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Contact the Period Events and Entertianments Re-Creation Society:

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